We would like to introduce ourselves as one of premier fund advising and financial consultancy group not any Bank or NBFC, Kuber Fincorp Service is one of the leading energetic group in India. Who provide best financial services from private investors, funders & other sources for new and existing businesses by way of Term Loans for projects, Working Capital Loans, Builder funding, Rental discounting, Loan on Power Projects, NPA Financing solutions for Corporate etc. across the India.

We are one of the groups in India who deals in NPA Financing for Corporate and Non Corporate entities at lowest interest Rates. We have professionally managed team which provides best Financing solutions.

Our team consists of experienced & seasoned finance professionals, retired Bankers, Legal & Insurance experts who have got wide banking, Industrial & Insurance experience. We have excellent relations with most of Private Investors & other sources to raise the funds for our esteemed clients.