Non Performing Assets

KFS arrange NPA Financing for Corporate & Non Corporate Entities

We are exclusively working for NPA Segment with our 12 year experience we’ll ensure you always get the best NPA Solutions, whether you can say it as NPA Retrieval, Loan for NPA, Finance for NPA, Funding for NPA, Private finance for NPA, NPA Takeover, NPA Financing, Finance facility for NPA accounts, Transfer of NPA accounts.

We arrange the intermediary for settlement of NPA accounts for corporate and non-corporate entities. Our core area of working is to arrange financial assistance for NPA accounts, an area where no other institution or banking organization extend due to statutory and other limitations

NPA is a stage where growth of a company or as an individual totally inhibits due to unavailability of funds from banks and other financial institutions. This will also exert lots of mental pressure on borrower towards the growth and to save their precious property from the jaws of Bank SARFASI Act

Financial Advisory Services on distressed assets (NPA Account):

• Kuber Fincorp Service has its main focus on financial advisory business, it is capable to handle even curse situation also of any client.

• Kuber Fincorp Service has lots of products for arrangement of funds for its client and varied source of• resolutions available for such debt.

• Kuber Fincorp Service also helpful in a revival package through its advisory for BIFR scheme or finding• investor promoter etc.

• Kuber Fincorp Service joins hands with its client on personal ground and deal the issue with lenders on professional ground.

We value relationship, therefore try to give maximum in minimum. We are reasonable in fees and commitment, The Company realizes its role and responsibility, and therefore, screen requests of prospective clients, thoroughly. We offer trust and deliver our commitment with transparency and expect the same from our client. Please feel free to contact for any query regarding your financial need or if stuck up with any bank/financial institution/NPA account and wish to settle/resolve it, we assure complete solution for your above needs. We look forward for rendering our services to you/your concerns.